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so, i'm going to start taking livejournal forreal seriously. so let's… - lovehaleybby

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December 17th, 2008

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01:15 pm
so, i'm going to start taking livejournal forreal seriously. so let's get started:

name's haley, i'm 17. shs is my school, one more semester and i'm done. drive a silver honda accord. btw, i'm a horrible driver. at least i admit it :) i am a good student, but my biggest problem is procrastination. plan on attending UA fall of '09. my best friends: julie whyte and laura batt. julie and i have been friends since 2nd grade, and our assistant principal thinks we're attached at the hip. i've known laura since freshman year, but i just now got to really know her this year. she is absolutely amazing (our song is "start of something new" from hsm1 because we just got be friends this year). i dated a guy named john white for almost two years, but we just broke up... yesterday. my idea. sometimes, people just need a change. you know? i had to choose between what i want and what's best for me. it was hard, and it's still hard today, and it will still be hard tomorrow, but i know it was what's right for me. i love him with all that i am, but i need to figure out who i am by myself, not in a serious relationship.

let's see, i'm in love with the jonas brothers, hsm3 and twilight. i have every song every by jb, seen all the hsm's multiple times, and read all the twilight book series and seen the movie 2x (hopefully a 3rd soon, anyone up for it?). i've learned to not care what the heck people think about me, because i am not going to change for them. cliche, i know, but hey :) who cares?

i plan on going to UA in the fall to study public relations. i'm outgoing and i like people, so it's perfect for me. plus UA has the 3rd best PR program in the nation... so needless to say i'm pretty excited.

update soon.
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Current Music: take you down - chris brown

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